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Public Attributes

fileHdr Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

unsigned short attribute
unsigned long auth
unsigned short boolFlags
unsigned long comment
unsigned long compDLength
unsigned char compDMethod
unsigned long compRLength
unsigned char compRMethod
unsigned long conts
unsigned short cptFlag
unsigend short crc
unsigned short crc
unsigned long creationDate
unsigned long ctime
char * data
unsigned long dataCLength
unsigned short dataCRC
unsigned short datacrc
unsigned long dataLength
unsigned short date
char deleted
unsigned char enddir
unsigned char etype
char * extend
unsigned char extendsize
char fauth [4]
unsigned long fCreator
OSType fCreator
unsigned long fileauth
unsigned long fileCRC
unsigned long filepos
unsigned long filetype
unsigned char fill1 [4]
unsigned char fill2 [18]
char filler
char finfo [8]
unsigned long flag1
unsigned long flag2
char flength
char fname [31]
unsigned char fName [32]
char fname2 [13]
unsigned short FndrFlags
unsigned char folder
unsigned short foldersize
unsigned long fType
char ftype [4]
OSType fType
unsigned char hcrc
unsigned short hdrcrc
unsigned short hdrCRC
unsigned char hlen
unsigned char hsize
unsigned char isdir
char kind
char kind2
unsigned long lastmod
unsigned char magic [4]
char magic [6]
char magic1
unsigned long magic1
char magic2
char method [5]
unsigned long modDate
unsigned long mtime
char name [32]
unsigned long next
unsigned char nlength
unsigned long psize
char reserved [6]
unsigned long rsrcCLength
unsigned short rsrccrc
unsigned short rsrcCRC
unsigned long rsrcLength
unsigned long size
unsigned long size2
unsigned short time
unsigned long type
unsigned long unknown1
unsigned long upsize
unsigned char volume
char what

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file arc.h.

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